HOTO Smart Laser Rangefinder
HOTO Smart Laser Rangefinder
HOTO Smart Laser Rangefinder
HOTO Smart Laser Rangefinder

HOTO Smart Laser Rangefinder

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The Smart Laser Rangefinder it's incredibly easy to use and features a single button. You just need one press to start measuring.

The patented “little yellow ring” is made of rubber paint, which is convenient to hold and fix the rangefinder when the measurement.

Connect to the Mijia APP to expand the variety of functions

Use Bluetooth to connect the rangefinder directly to your smartphone and automatically activates the Mijia APP. This allows you to perform a variety of practical and easy-to-use expansion functions, such as data storage notes, floor plan mapping and real-life measurement.

  • Real-time data sharing

Once Bluetooth is connected to your phone, each measurement data will be shared in the APP in real-time.

  • Photo-taking
  • Drawing
  • Measuring

The real-life labling function is more direct. Photos can be take on or uploaded from your phone to the product, and be drawn on, measured and labeled.

  • Draw the floor plan quickly

The floor plan can be drawn for measurement. The measured data is automatically labeled on the selected lines, and the system will automatically adjust the length os the lines according to the data.

  • Export photos to albums with one click

Once the floor plans or the actual photos have been measured and drawn, you can export the image to your phone's album with one click, so you can view it or share it with others at any time.

Convenient measurement for various sizes and wide applications

Room size, window height, furniture size ... All sizes can be measured, with measurement accuracy of up to 0.001 meters.

High precision double laser transmitters

  • The dual laser head structure allows performing a series of complex steps;
  • The HOTO rangefinder guarantees a measurement in just 0.2 seconds;
  • High precision laser (error range of +/- 2 mm);
  • From 0.05m to 30m measuring range;
  • Class II laser (Safety for human body).

Measurement based on the front and tail of the rangefinder. Switch between measurement modes as needed.

Hidden OLED screen

The patented hidden OLED screen designed for low power consumption, in which the measurement data, the power and the status of the Bluetooth connection are shown.

Appearance is quite simple. With highly resistant engineering materials and anti-scratch UV paint, the matte texture makes it free from fingerprints.

Basic parameters

  • Measurement Accuracy: 2mm;
  • Power Type: Rechargeable;
  • Display Screen: OLED Display (0.96 inches);
  • Size: 73x33.2x16.8mm;
  • Net weight: about 36g;
  • Lithium battery: 3.7 200mAh;
  • Bluetooth transmission distance: about 8m;
  • Charging parameters: 5V 1A;
  • Charging time: about 100min (1h40min);
  • Automatic shutdown time: 180s
  • Automatic switch-off of the laser: 30s
  • Storage temperature: -20ºC ~ 60ºC
  • Storage humidity: 20% ~80%RH
  • Standards enforcement: GB 4793.1-2007
  • Measuring range: GB 7247.1-2012
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.05-30m
  • The minimum: +/-(2mm+d*one in ten thousand*)
  • Display unit: 0.001m
  • The unit of measurement: m/ft
  • Laser type: waselength 630-680nm
  • Working power: 0.7W(MAX.)
  • Operating temperature: -10ºC~50ºC